Leadership Development

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What does showing up as a leader mean to you?

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What are the roadblocks standing in the way of seeing yourself as a leader?

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If you could step into leadership in your life, how would that feel?

Rather than react to what’s happening around them, true leaders are intentional and proactive - creating the world they want for themselves and others. They create a vision of leadership that serves them as much as it serves those they lead.

We have the opportunity to show up as a leader in every aspect of our lives - from work to home, from family to community, from the moment we awake to the moment we fall fast asleep. Leadership is vast and expansive. And, here’s the best part of leadership - you get to choose what it means to be a leader. You get to choose the path. And as you grow into your role, you get to face new challenges and see new opportunities you’ve never experienced before.

The first step on the path is discovering your leadership values and then aligning those values to every area of your life so that you can lead from a place of clear motivation and true connection to your purpose. An equation that inherently leads to a life full of enjoyment. We’ll get honest about the places you are showing up differently than the person you know yourself to be, and we’ll work towards the person you know you are.

Anastasia Nylund

I worked with Darla to integrate my personal and professional goals after making a big move and career transition. What drew me to Darla's approach is her enthusiasm for helping clients create a full and well-rounded life, where personal, family and career goals are integral pieces of a bigger picture. As a coach, Darla is direct, personal and flexible. Throughout our work together, Darla reminded me of my goals and kept me accountable, both in getting through roadblocks and celebrating wins. At the end of the program, I have more clarity and confidence in reaching my goals. Coaching with Darla creates a powerful framework for supporting your growth in all areas of life, and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.

Anastasia Nylund

Owner, Anastasia Nylund Consulting
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