Enjoyment Coaching

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What is the biggest change you want in your life right now?

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What thought or feeling is preventing you from making that a reality?

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If you made that change, how would your life be different?

I often feel that I see individual pieces of glitter floating from the sky all around me. Sometimes there are many pieces falling to the ground, other days it’s just a speck here and there and occasionally I go through a whole day without even noticing it. On the days when I take the time to be keenly aware of the magic around me, I wonder what gigantic pile of glitter is up there just waiting for me to break free and let it rain down upon my life? If only I could get to that glitter...

Whether it’s glitter, music, sunlight, connection, purpose or something you have yet to define, you know there is more for you in this life. More to discover. More to let out. More to share with a person, many people or the entire world. Perhaps your life is pretty good now and yet you know there is something else seemingly just out of reach. Or maybe you are at a turning point in life - ready to forge a new one full of brave, bold changes.

Together we will create for you a life of passion and purpose along any path that is beckoning for you to travel. We will fill that path with more joy and ease than you ever knew were accessible to you. No matter where you are right now, if you are committed to embarking on a journey of growth and are willing to do the hard work, this is for you.

Lindsey Frierson

Coaching for me was something I committed to without knowing what the end result should be, but I knew I needed to do it. Darla encouraged me and helped my true self shine through the process. She balanced challenging me and reflecting back to me the ways I could grow, and her intuition and insight alone were worth the program. At the end, the results were much more amazing than I could have imagined--I feel free and liberated to continue the journey to being me.

Lindsey Frierson

Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Life Audit

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